1. General questions about our gift registries
  2. Creating a gift registry
  3. Advantages for your guests
  4. Wedding web page
  5. Customer service contact
  6. Privacy

General questions about our gift registries

1.1 How does Ihdeeny work?
Ihdeeny works in three simple steps:
You access your own wedding web page and easily build your gift registry.
Guests visit your website via a web address provided by Ihdeeny. Through this page they can offer you gifts, learn useful things about the wedding, or even share pictures and comments with other guests.

1.2 What type of people was Ihdeeny created for?
Ihdeeny provides this service to all couples without exception. Ihdeeny is the best and only gift registry service in the Kingdom.

1.3 What are the advantages of creating your wedding web page at Ihdeeny?
Ihdeeny lets you create a personal web page for your wedding in a simple and easy way. It reserves a personal web address for you and through this address your guests can check out all the information related to the wedding (itinerary, directions with maps and photos, etc), participate in the forum, exchange photos related to the wedding, and much more. Your personal web page will not have any advertising on it and you’ll be able to use it as you please.

1.4 How much does it cost?
Creating a registry at Ihdeeny is absolutely free.

1.5 How does Ihdeeny manage to provide such services for free?
Ihdeeny’s revenues are mainly derived from advertising, allowing Ihdeeny’s wedding registry service rates to remain low. 

Creating a gift registry

2.1 How do I create a gift registry?
Simply click on the Create a gift registry tab. Ihdeeny allows you to choose your gifts from a wide range of products featuring your favorite brands

Advantages for your guests

3.1 What are the advantages for your guests at Ihdeeny?
Ihdeeny allows you to showcase the gifts you REALLY want to receive. Moreover, listing a gift at Ihdeeny isn’t as much of a chore as with some traditional gift registry providers. Giving a gift through Ihdeeny is a simple and tangible way of helping you fulfill your dreams, and this will mean a lot to your guests. Ihdeeny will also give them the chance to use your personalized wedding web page, a useful yet fun source of information.

3.2 Why use Ihdeeny instead of offering money or sending a check directly to the couple?
Our clients could give us all kinds of answers to this question. For example, Ihdeeny doesn’t put you in a compromising situation. Also, you don’t have to make a bothersome wire transfer and it’s much safer than receiving actual cash during the wedding reception. With Ihdeeny you can show your guests the gifts that would really make you happy. Also giving a gift through Ihdeeny is more personal than simply transferring money. Indeed, it gives your guests an opportunity to help you bring your dream gifts to life and this is something that can be very meaningful to them.

3.3 What payment methods does Ihdeeny accept? Are they secure?
The gifts are purchased by Visa or MasterCard, directly from your personal wedding website. Ihdeeny uses the Visa Servired payment platform. Ihdeeny relies the support of Visa and Thawte to ensure the safety and confidentiality of all sensitive data.

3.4 How does Ihdeeny make life easier for guests coming from abroad?
Ihdeeny is, without a doubt, your best option when you have guests coming from abroad. Indeed, Ihdeeny is the only gift registry provider in the kingdom. Ihdeeny can be accessed in English, in all countries and gifts may also be purchased from any country.

Wedding web page

4.1 What can I include in the different sections of my wedding web page?
Ihdeeny gives you a personal website address where you can build your wedding webpage. In just two clicks, you will have a wedding web page that you can then easily customize. Your wedding website will allow you to explain the logistics of the wedding (itinerary, addresses, maps, hotels, etc.), share your personal photos, favorite music and videos, post messages on your own forum, send invitations, notify your guests of any wedding-related news and personalize it according to your taste.

4.2 What tools are at our disposal to help us plan and organize our wedding?
Your wedding website will save you a lot of phone calls and e-mails since all the wedding info (itinerary, places, access maps, hotels, etc) will be in one convenient and easy-to-access location. Ihdeeny also provides you with a tool that allows you to manage your guest list - send invitations, tell people about wedding news, follow up on RSVPs, etc.

4.3 How can I control content generated by my guests?
You have the final say on all content generated by your guests on your web page. You can choose to erase any content that you deem inappropriate.

Customer service contact

5.1 How can I get in touch with Ihdeeny?
You can call us at +9626 5933304. You can also write to us at info@Ihdeeny.com and we’ll get back to you within 8 hours.

5.2 What is Ihdeeny’s service level agreement?
Ihdeeny guarantees that your question will be answered within 8 hours. Our hotline is ready to receive your calls Saturday to Thursday from 10am to 5pm.


6.1 What privacy options does Ihdeeny provide to couples?
With Ihdeeny you restrict your registry with an access code that only your guests will have.

6.2 How does Ihdeeny use the customer data I provide?
Ihdeeny will only use your data for the purpose of helping you organize your wedding. Ihdeeny strictly respects the latest data protection rules and regulations.